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Club Notes
Our Next Club Meet

Important Please Read

Tri-County Camaros is the most elite and most active Camaro Club in the country and we are honored to be asked to become the third chapter in the state!

On 30 March 2013 the SWFL Camaro Club met and approved the merger with Tri-County Camaros. Previously enthusiasts were able to join the SWFL club simply by completing a registration form on the club's website. Unfortunately many that signed up never followed through and became active in the club.

Membership requires commitment of each member. In the future the club may not accept all individuals that indicate they want to be members; so please do not send any money and ask 'where is my shirt?' If you want to become a member of the Southwest Florida Chapter of TRI-COUNTY CAMAROS the only way to achieve that is to come out and become active in club activities and indicate your willingness to follow the tenets followed and enjoyed by the membership. Yes, we are a Camaro club, but to us it is much more than that. We are a group that puts the people and friendships first. The cars are great but let's face it: at the end of the day it is a car. We are not about quantity membership numbers. We are all about quality.

A minimum of at least one monthly meet will be set up for the chapter. The meets may be local or we may travel as a group to various activities to include joining our sister chapters for activities. There is a one time club membership fee of $ 30. With that fee you will be provided one Tri-County window badge, access to club only discounts with the many club sponsors we have, including some of the best performance shops in Florida. You will also have the ability to purchase other exclusive Tri-County merchandise only available to club members.

If this is the type of club that interests you and you think you have what it takes to be Tri-County then come to the club's next meet and let's get acquainted. Click on "contact us" below to learn more about the club.

SWFL Tri-County Members:

AFCMSGTRET (Jerry) 2011 2SS LS3, Bolt on
REDXED36 (Rob) 1986 Base Camaro, Bolt on, In Restoration
SPD2612 (John) 2011 2SS/RS LS3, Fort Myers, To much to list
Bad Dad - Mike - 2010 2SS/RS Way to Much to list.....
Holla72 (Jennifer) 2013 Dusk Edition, 2LT/RS Convertible
JIMS2SSL99 (Jim) 2011 2SS/RS L99, Gateway, Bolt on
HD48 (Rob) 2010 2SS/RS L99, Cape Coral, Bolt on
NA (Jack) 2011 1SS Convertible Ft Myers Bolt on
INFERNO (Rick) 2012 LS1, Cape Coral, Bolt on
ACAMARONAMEDMAVERICK (Keith) 2012 2SS/RS LS3, Punta Gorda, Bolt on
NA (Eric) 1998 SS, Cape Coral, Bolt on
NA (Marty) 2013 ZL1, Cape Coral, Bolt on
CAMSS376 (Billy) 2010 2SS/RS LS3, Too Many to List
CHERRYBOMB (Denise) 2014 SS/1LE, Bolt on
CAMARODREAMS76 (Dustin) 2013 SS/1LE, Bolt on
2012RS2LT (Eric R.) 2012 2LT/RS, Bolt on.
More to come

If you have any questions, Use our contact form by clicking below
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Our Next Club Meet

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Keeping It Exciting!!!


A few upcoming events:

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Tri-County Camaro SWFL Chapter August meet will be on beautiful Marco Island.

When: Saturday, 23 August 2014 at 1045.

Where: Snook Inn 1215 Bald Eagle Drive (the end of Bald Eagle in Olde Marco)
Marco Island, Florida

Snook Inn

For those wishing to Camarovan from the Fort Myers area we will meet at the HESS STATION at 8902 Alico Road, San Carlos Park FL 33912-5118 at 9:30. Don't be late…if we don't get down to Snook Inn quickly, there won't be any parking :--( The Hess Station is about 1/2 mile west of I-75 on Alico Road. If you have FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radios please bring them as they make for great inexpensive communication between the cars!!! If you don't have the radios, please consider purchasing. Just think, when you're not using them for Camarovans, your kids or grandkids can have fun with them. I bought mine at http://www.amazon.com/Midland-GXT100...es+midland+gxt, but you can find them even cheaper at several stores including Bass Pro Shop, Walmart, RadioShack, BestBuy, etc. If you will be entering I-75 south of Alico Road, and wish to join the Camarovan on the fly, let us know your exit and we'll call you when we leave the Hess Station with the time we'll pass your exit. No doubt we'll have a great time at Snook Inn…but the day will be young, so after lunch we'll Camarovan down the island to the Sunset Grille at 900 South Collier Blvd for desert and relaxation on the beach! The Sunset Grille is located on the gulf side of the ground floor of the Apollo Building and we will be parking together on the premises.




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